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Senior Consultant in Cardiology, Nykøbing F. Hospital - Nykøbing F

Region Sjælland, Nykøbing F. Hospital, Nykøbing Falster

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Do you want to lead our cardiology wards and outpatient clinic through development, guidance, collaboration and professionalism in an environment characterised by closeness and a positive way of life?

Then the position of senior consultant in Cardiology to the medical department is something for you.  

We offer an exciting position where, as a senior consultant in the cardiovascular disease section, you can be part of not only making a big impression on your own position but also on how the department could and should be developed. The medical department is the largest of the nine departments at Nykøbing F. Hospital. The medical department has four clusters. One of the four clusters is the cardiovascular disease section with 30 beds and an outpatient clinic with great activity. As a senior consultant, you will work closely with three senior nurses and report to the department management.

About us

Nykøbing F. Hospital is a small hospital, which has its positive side that the employees at the hospital know each other and have a very good cooperation across both departments and specialties. This applies not only professionally but also colleague-to-colleague. The hospital has a good, close cooperation with the other cardiology departments both in Region Zealand and in the Capital Region of Denmark. The department also has a collaboration arrangement with Køge Hospital, in which the surgeons from Køge run an extensive external function that is an integral part of the Gastromedical cluster. You can find Nykøbing F. Hospital's organisational chart

We can offer a workplace with skilled and committed employees. Cardiology consists of a strong international team, where the employees have a skilled professional standard. There is great passion for the specialty, and cardiology has a very good reputation as a place of training for junior doctors.

About the position

As a new senior consultant, you will play a major role in supporting, developing and running the Cardiology Department in collaboration with a number of talented colleagues. The focus here is on developing the day-to-day operation of the ward and the outpatient clinic together with a skilled management team in the Medical Department. As a senior consultant, you will be working with the three senior nurses as overall cluster leader for about 60 nursing staff and 15-20 doctors, including those who are in training. There is a need for a development-oriented and at the same time pragmatic approach that focuses on the art of the possible.  The hospital management encourages flexibility and in this position you will have the opportunity to devote time to research. Nykøbing F. Hospital is at the forefront of innovation. You will have the opportunity to participate in this work where it gives meaning to the department.

About you

You are a consultant with widespread experience of cardiology and come from one of the larger hospitals, from which you have knowledge of operating, developing and improving workflows. You have been a specialist for more than 6 years and have a great interest in the specialty and a good outlook. Perhaps you have conducted research and want to develop this further at the Cardiology Department at Nykøbing F. Hospital. You have a desire to contribute with your professional and scientific qualifications, and you want to not only further develop your own competencies, but also create learning and development together with others.

As a person, you are empathetic and approach other people with respect for different disciplines. You are an outgoing person and value an open and trusting relationship with both employees and management colleagues. You are there when needed and a good partner to work with. We welcome your large network among other hospitals, and we want you to be able to take on leadership responsibility so as to ensure continued strong professionalism in a busy everyday life.

Further information

Nykøbing F. Hospital is well located for commuters from Copenhagen, with buses both morning and evening every weekday. A staff hotel has also been set up where overnight stays can be booked. Visit our website Come South, where you can read more about the hospital. You can read much more about the position and about the profile in an in-depth description

You will be employed as Senior Consultant for the Cardiovascular Disease section in a full-time position commencing 1 October 2022.

The deadline for submitting applications is 10 August 2022. Please apply HERE

If you want to know more, you can contact Joy Torpdahl of Mercuri Urval by telephone: 5044 1646 or e-mail: joy.torpdahl@mercuriurval.com. You can also contact Chief Medical Officer PhD Christian Christiansen by telephone: 4019 8476 or email: chchris@regionsjaelland.dk.

Publicerad 2022-06-23

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