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Sjukhusbibliotekariens Adventskalender: Lucka nummer 4: Elsas lucktips – Diagnos Fox Scabies!

Publicerad: 3 december 2012, 23:01

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Apotekets öronproppar är mycket effektiva. Sjukhusbibliotekarien har inte märkt några ovanliga ljud under de senaste dygnen, men Elsa The Basset som utövar regemente över sin matte där de huserar i den lilla stugan i skogen har gjort det igen! På något sätt har Elsa hackat sig in i bloggen och denna gång krafsat till en egen adventslucka. Vägrar envist att flytta på sig, så varsågoda, ta del av: Diagnos Fox Scabies.

Vi lider och gläds med patienten över "excellent medical treatment", men förväxla inte betydelsen av canine med det svenska ordet kanin. Nej, canine står för hundaktig, kära läsare och kom ihåg: Gnid er aldrig mot ett okänt träd i skogen!

Ouch and Itch!

I´d like to share with you - all my fellow canine readers - a most unpleasant experience that I recently went through - and the memories of which are still haunting me. I hope they may serve as a deterrent and thus save you all from an ordeal similar to the one I had to endure.

I had been suffering from severe itching for about a week, when my anxious Mum decided to take me to the animal hospital in order to get me sorted out. The vet - after having examined my glossy black and tan fur closely - said that it looked as though I´d caught something called fox scabies! This came as a bit of a shock to me, since I´m sure that I´ve never come face to face with a fox, but the vet explained that it might be, while walking in the woods with my Mum, I had accidentally touched a shrub or a tree, against which a poor infected fox had recently rubbed itself in order to ease it´s agony, and thus caught these mites myself. Bad luck!

The good thing, however, was that - once I was diagnosed - I was offered excellent medical treatment, which immediately did the trick and I was soon able to doze away in glorious peace on the couch again, without being pestered by tiny little nibbling creatures all over my sprawling body.

So, dear fellow dog readers, take my advice. Don´t put yourselves at risk! Never fraternize with any foxy Mr Tod and, whatever you do, don´t rub your doggy body against an unfamiliar tree or bush - it might lead to dire consequences ...



Det här är opinionsmaterial

Åsikterna som uttrycks här står skribenten/skribenterna för.

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