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”We took our Dramamine and didn't miss a meal”

Publicerad: 19 april 2012, 08:37

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Hur hanterar man en tyfon? Hur kuperar man sjösjuka? Se vad litet good books, wines and Dramamine can do! Det gäller att ”keep up the spirit” när vågorna piskar som högst där ute på den rytande oceanen. Nu får ni träna vardagsengelska eller snarare vardagsamerikanska samt även förstå hur man helt oväntat kan få nya vinkunskaper:

”Now I have to tell you how we came to learn about the Australian wines.

We were on a cruise to do New Zealand and Australia. We had a lovely time hitting a couple of ports of call in New Zealand and then our Captain tells us we are in ”peril”. A huge typhoon coming out of Japan was headed our way. The continent of New Zealand is very long and he said we were too far up the coast to make it back down around the horn and too far from Tazmania to get behind that large land mass so we had no choice but to stay out to sea and ride it out.

Well... little did we know just how bad the sea can get (and I was at the time reading a book called ”The Jacaranda Tree” which is about the emigration to that area and has a map of all the ships that have gone down there!!!) The novel was about a ship that went down and one small girl from Britain survived by hanging on to a portion of the ship and eventually was blown onto the shores of Australia.

So by day 3 of the storm the waves were 45 feet high and we thought... well, this is likely as bad as it will get. Not so!!! The wind picked up to 120 mph and the seas rose to 85 foot waves! It was so terrible that the waves washed literally over the front of the ship (the ship being equivalent to an 11 story hotel). Windows cracked and broke out, two fires started aboard because of the twisting of the ship and electrical wires snapping. One engine gave out and the machine shop was actually able to fix it! They boarded our cabin windows with lock down shields that I did not even know they had! Elevators did not work. You actually got air borne and slid back and forth on the bed when you tried to sleep at night.

But... they treated us well and served all the meals inspite of dishes and glasses being in short supply as they had toppled and broken. We took our Dramamine and didn't miss a meal. And, yes... they treated us to free wine... lots of it and, of course, Australians. They gave us Lindemins, Yellow Tails and Rosemonts. (I think they figured if they kept us sedated, there would be less panic setting in! Ha!) We have been a fan of Australian wines ever since!!!

Finally at day six... the seas began to calm and we, though missing many ports of call did get to Melbourne which is the wine country. I have never been so happy to put my feet on dry land. We did get to visit several of the wineries while we were there. Melbourne reminds us in climate of California wine country... yet the architecture is like our New Orleans which is French influence. So lovely that if I had my family with me... I would live there! (But I don't like the idea of the sea going crocodiles that are up to 15 feet, we are told, though we did not see any!) So that is my story of loving the Australian wines. And... we did not go down thank goodness for modern ship building!

It was somewhat more frightening as the new version of Titanic had just come out AND WE HAD ALL SEEN IT!! The only other comment I remember from our perilous journey is one made by one of our dinner table guests... the six of us who never missed a meal! The last night of the cruise when all was calm and we were safe, one lady said to all of us, ”There is only one person that is disappointed we survived!” We said... ”What??? Who is that?” She said, ”My rotten son-in-law, who will now have to take back the 3 new cars he bought when he thought we had perished!”.

Det var allt en resa det! Lägg till en hel del humor och det viktigaste av allt, god skeppsbyggnadskonst och överlevnadskonceptet är komplett. Tack vare det har jag kvar my second cousin där borta i The United States of America – för det är nämligen second cousin Eve som berättar detta rafflande sjöäventyr för oss. Cheers på Er!


Det här är opinionsmaterial

Åsikterna som uttrycks här står skribenten/skribenterna för.

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